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@EDM17503975 Also, when not in court to defend itself, IAAF throw away those soft words, making affected women harder to complain due to the fear of stigma it cause. This is another level of disgrace. And all these things are done just to rip off someone's hard earned careers. Shame on IAAF!
09-07 17:58

@EDM17503975 I mean, why do this unless that "crystal clear" true purpose is actually an unjustifiable one, either medically, legally and/or ethically? Covering up an unjustifiable purpose by making slightly soft‐spoken documents, is really an underhanded tactics.
09-07 17:44

@EDM17503975 witch I DO think it is, then why IAAF had to bring other women in and give them collateral damage? Why not simply list those features you quoted and state that anyone with those are "biological males" in the original document, instead it says "biological sex is an umbrella term"?
09-07 16:47

@EDM17503975 That link seems to be expired. try this one. https://t.co/KHhwxdGMNq Then, I found out. Of the three categories in the initial one that does not fit in your quote, two were removed but one is stand still. If banning women certain trait seen in your quote is the real purpose,
09-07 16:38

@EDM17503975 Yes you did as I already told. https://t.co/9q7u4j6GkP Still not from the original document I asked for. I've read that piece on the day1 after its release. I've also cross-checked two original documents - the initial 2018 one and the revised 2019 one.https://t.co/xG4RkoXCdG
09-07 16:09


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