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08-09 15:04


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@Woodywing Since men aren't regulated, this type of concerns only occur to cis women. Imagine how more burden women have to carry, in contrast to their male counterparts? How can this encourage women and girls to participate, thus narrow the gender gap? It's quite the opposite.
08-08 18:14

@Woodywing Does that really cause less burden for dyadic women than unregulated participation of intersex women? Again, probably not.
08-08 18:09

@Woodywing The most an dyadic female athletes can lose without such regulation, is better colored medals in international events. More rivals means less chance for sure. But is that really more discouraging than the very effect such regulation itself causes?
08-08 18:08

@Woodywing You know the justification used by WA is that, if it would not implement a regulation, then women who are intersex/with DSDs would excel "too much" and would discourage dyadic women, so it would "losing the next generation of female athletes" ? https://t.co/QuEr8q8gHo
08-08 18:06

@Woodywing If you were a girl in such situation, do you even bother to participate in elite sports? Or bother to get a proper medical attention? The answer likely to be no. As I stated before, those "signs" are quite common and unspecific to certain intersex variations under regulations.
08-08 18:06

@Woodywing Imagin being one of such girls with those symptoms. While most are quite benign, there is a realistic chance you can be forced to take those tests. And if you happend to get the "wrong" result, then you are at risk to lose your whole career, and/or you legal/social recognition.
08-08 18:03

@Woodywing As I stated before, many intersex/DSDs variations only surface at puberty. And those signs can also be quite unspecific. It's pretty common for young women to experience those signs like amenorrhea, belated puberty or unexpected virilization. Especially for elite athletes.
08-08 18:02

@Woodywing For example, the way to tell CAIS (unaffected) from PAIS (affected) is… well, i'm hesitant to explain, but since I don't want to erase the courage of Dutee Chand, so I have to. Its like this. https://t.co/YVw8emnPRo https://t.co/jk2b4Al1aC
08-08 18:00

@Woodywing This does not only affect women with very conditions listed in the regulatory note. One reason is because methods to evaluate whether, what type of and how severe the intersex/DSDs condition a person has, is quite invasive.
08-08 17:55

@Woodywing Where to draw a line in elite athleticism is one thing, this is quite another. No real gain from invalidating someone's gender outside of sport. And the sacrifice is serious. There is a confirmed case of suicide after being revealed to be intersex/with DSDs in athletic world.
08-08 17:54

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RT @emigrl: トランス左派というのがなんのことかよくわからないけど(もしかしてわたしの知らない日本ローカルの事情なのかも)、どうしてトランス活動家が「人為的な性自認変更は可能である」と主張していたことになるの?性自認を人為的(医学的)に矯正しようとするな、と主張してい…
08-02 15:58

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08-01 10:01

深海魚はご存知の通り(?)英語が苦手なので、違ってたら指摘してほしいんだけど。相談は黒人であることを子の抗議参加に「反対」する理由の1つ(警官が多くて危険)にしながら、警官の暴力とは明言せず抗議者の暴力の方は明言している。というか論調が典型的なI'm black but...式に見えて
08-01 09:52

原文はこちら https://t.co/HtXDqUpzt0 相談も回答も、単に要約しただけでなく大変マイルドになっているけど、そのせいで却って文脈がわかりにくくなってないだろうか。
08-01 09:33

日本語の反応は社会への抗議は清廉潔白でないと傾聴に値しないとみなすのが多いけど、その態度を下支えする公正世界仮説が共有されなくなった状況こそ、このコラムが「人生相談から」見せたいアメリカの今じゃないの / “抗議デモに参加した17歳息子の足元に新品の靴 略奪…” https://t.co/sSQ32PHIoK
08-01 09:29

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