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@EDM17503975 Ok then, quote some pieces from the IAAF regulation which support your "To be affected by this regulation the athlete must be XY with testes and no ovaries" view. Because that category D group lined in P.3 obviously isn't the case.
08-29 08:25

@EDM17503975 Also, as said in the inews article I preciously gave you, one of her main complains on ongoing appeal in Switzerland's highest court "including the IAAF claiming those with 46 XY chromosomes are 'biologically male.'" so she IS suing.
08-29 08:17

@EDM17503975 An article on The Morning Journal said what Bermon had to retract wasn't just about Semenya's legal status, but also her "biological" one. That link seems to be expired, though. https://t.co/RtF8ZPHozB Continue to use it outside the court just shows how disgraceful IAAF is now.
08-29 08:10


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@EDM17503975 @RogerPielkeJr @RetractionWatch Then prove it with liable source. Just repeat it won't make it a fact. Since you denied my argument with citation from actual regulation, you must have something describing it better than IAAF ITSELF. I doubt you'd even read it before became "crystal clear" about it lol.
08-27 09:55

@EDM17503975 @RogerPielkeJr @RetractionWatch Because IAAF knows such classification is both inaccurate according to current medical consensus, AND humiliating. Anyone with very basic knowledge in human medicine can point out. Unless you cold-slept last two decades.
08-27 09:42

@EDM17503975 @RogerPielkeJr @RetractionWatch As for why that unsuccessful reclassification of so-called "biological sex" made headlines, it's because IAAF denied it would to do that, until CAS finally revealed it actually did. https://t.co/5b0H3CBVh8
08-27 09:36

@EDM17503975 @RogerPielkeJr @RetractionWatch IAAF did tried to argue that Semenya was "a biological male" and then, RETRACTED it when being cross-questioned by Semenya's attorney. Admitting it was wrong. CAS never said it agreed that affected athletes are biological males. Get your facts straight. https://t.co/qGZmOKiPdr
08-27 09:21

@EDM17503975 @RogerPielkeJr @RetractionWatch You know "with testes" and "without ovaries" are two different things. You can be one of these while not being the other. Also, women with common form of CAH - prohibited on the 2018 version - doesn't have testes nor testicular tissue.
08-27 08:07

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以下の一連のツイートを読んで、大いに言いたいことのあるあなたへ。I don't speak English><
08-26 23:28

@EDM17503975 @RogerPielkeJr @RetractionWatch You may wonder then, why it complained "All affected athletes are XY without ovaries" thing, at least before CAS ruling? Well, it's simple. To trick simple people like you into its support. It deceived you. Now stop misleading people and YOURSELF.
08-26 22:47

@EDM17503975 @RogerPielkeJr @RetractionWatch Also, did you notice that IAAF says "Biological sex is an umbrella term that includes distinct aspects of chromosomal, gonadal, hormonal and phenotypic sex" (current version P.1)? Clearly it knows that "biological sex" is complicated, more so than a simple XX v.s. XY thing.
08-26 22:38

@EDM17503975 @RogerPielkeJr @RetractionWatch There, he described that "vast majority" of athletes who are affected by the regulation are XY, and have no ovaries - instead of "all". He knows what he is doing.
08-26 22:30

@EDM17503975 @RogerPielkeJr @RetractionWatch Well, I'm not sure exactly how many women with ovaries - or ovotests - are currently affected, since ovotesticuler DSD is rare. But that does not eliminate the theoretical possibility to be banned. IAAF knows it. I've read an interview with Bermon issued after CAS ruling.
08-26 22:19

@EDM17503975 @RogerPielkeJr @RetractionWatch That (D) & (E) came from the 2018 version. You can read it here→https://t.co/bxx9MiWwi8 Which was scheduled to come in force on 2018.11.1, and postponed only after being sued. So it's clear that even more XX women would be banned if there wasn't Semenya's brave action.
08-26 22:11

@EDM17503975 @RogerPielkeJr @RetractionWatch Collection: Not (F)ovotesticular DSD, it's actually (D)ovotesticular DSD now. IAAF removed (D)congenital adrenal hyperplasia and (E)3β‐hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase deficiency (a specific form of D), so the alphabet changed. Still targets women with ovarian tissue, and likely XX.
08-26 21:55

@EDM17503975 @RogerPielkeJr @RetractionWatch Related conditions without ovarian tissue lead different diagnosis such as XX testiculer DSD (formally known as "XX males") and unlikely to be raised as girls, thus have nothing to do with DSD regulation.
08-26 21:47

@EDM17503975 @RogerPielkeJr @RetractionWatch It does. https://t.co/cvw02qhcbL This is current regulation, and it targets women with (F)ovotesticular DSD. See P.3. As I said before, people with this diagnosis HAVE ovarian tissue. How a condition named in the regulation not being banned?
08-26 21:45

@EDM17503975 @RogerPielkeJr @RetractionWatch Needless to say the original 2018 version also targeted women with CAH. 46,XX with two ovaries, no tests. It only changed after been challenged by Semenya. It was IAAF that tried to ban biological females (in your definition). It was Caster Semenya who saved them.
08-26 21:19

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08-21 20:06

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あたしに申し上げられるのは、南京事件否定論にも「場を与え」ろと主張しながら、今回現に「場」が奪われた状況に「場」の保障有無は偽の問題だとのたまえる整合性は、ご本人の他に解せなかろうということだけです。 / “「ポストモダン・リベラル」の真髄を見た! - Apeman…” https://t.co/uH7Jtd075C
08-17 23:12

08-17 20:57

近代五輪発足当初の狙いはともかく、現代では種目を越えた「優れた身体」など存在しないし、パラはなおさら。スイム抜きなら競技性質が変わる。車イス部門「ランが得意」というよりマラソン選手が優勝しちゃってる… / “水質悪くスイム中止 「手も見えない」 東京パラテス…” https://t.co/xml9fV1LeT
08-17 20:37

08-17 16:38

08-17 16:19

韓国政治わかんないのでこの記事だけで判断するけど、米等同様にキリスト教右派の勢力が強く、かれらと対立する左派政権でも包括的反差別法を通せないのが、左派側の運動にレイシズムが紛れ込む背景って理解でいい? / “外国人記者「なぜ韓国では日本人差別が当たり前に行…” https://t.co/x38FDyxiag
08-17 15:56

「男性が」育休を取らない理由が、「女性が」パートナーに高収入を求める日本の傾向か「女性が」家事育児を望む普遍的傾向のどちらかって…この方の星の「男性」ってのは、自由意思を持たない人形か何かなんですかね / “日本女性の社会進出を妨げているのは男尊女卑の呪い…” https://t.co/IioTDRopil
08-17 10:25

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#MeToo以前に韓国元「慰安」婦が声を上げた背景にも民主化とフェミニズム興隆があり、彼女たちを「不名誉」として日陰者にした日韓両国への批判は当初から織り込まれている。「金やるから黙っとけ」対応は喧嘩売ってる / “今さら聞けない「慰安婦」問題の基本を研究者に聞…” https://t.co/96MzrT43OX
08-16 19:08

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小さい頃、天津の親類の集まりでたまに塩ゆでパーティが開かれた。従姉の大好物だった。子ども心には泥っぽい癖が強く感じられて苦手だったけど、正直に言ったら「日本かぶれ」だと思われそうで口に出せなかった… / “6兆円市場に! 中国ザリガニブーム 専門店に長蛇の列(…” https://t.co/WRFt6kCU8x
08-15 14:14

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だいじょうぶ?担当者ゾアホリックされてない? / 他81件のコメント https://t.co/XB90Sa64Y9 “「メイドインアビス」サンリオの祝福を受けたグッズを夏コミ竹書房ブースで販売 - コミックナタリー” https://t.co/6k7XD5sCvH
08-10 06:17

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御仕着せられた空間を書き換えて、自分たちの場所として取り戻すという、シンプルだけどそれゆえに絵になる企て。とても素敵だけど、一方で「縞模様のパジャマの少年」を思い出してしまう。国境の難民収容所が現代の強制収容所であると、現在進行形で批判されている状況にある分、なおさら。 https://t.co/XSaTK9fpJ8
07-31 22:00

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